Cats are very popular pets. Using a biopsy kit that we send to either you or your Veterinarian, a small skin sample is taken and returned by Federal Express to the lab. At this point, we freeze and store the cultured cells, which can be used immediately or in the future for cloning.

  1. Contact us for a Cell Storage Agreement or Cloning contract and Biopsy Kit.
  2. Make an appointment with your Veterinarian to take the sample.
  3. Have your Veterinarian’s office Federal Express the kit back to the lab.

For all animals, progress reports will be given at major milestones so you know when to expect your horse or pet to be born. All are born at Veterinary facilities and fully checked. Horses can be insured before they leave the clinic, minimizing any risk of your investment.

Cat Cloning Cost


A 50% deposit is needed with your signed contract to begin your project. The remaining 50% is due before the animal leaves.